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According to a survey, almost 58% of inked people wish to remove their tattoos in later stages. People want to remove their tattoos for many different reasons like they did not get the expected outcome, felt embarrassed, lowered body image, some faced problem in getting jobs and there are many other reasons behind opting tattoo. removal.

Because it is a permanent solution for removing the tattoo from the skin safely.

It is a necessary procedure where high-powered lasers are used to penetrate deep into the skin for demolishing the tattoo ink from deep within. Removing tattoos in a single session is not possible and hence it is done in bits and parts. The number of sessions depends on various characteristics of your tattoo like location, size, color, and age of the tattoo.

The Q2 Laser Tattoo Removal Machine is also a Gold Standard of Q-Switched laser technology.

Apart from getting the best tattoo removal experience we use a superior numbing cream. During treatment Zimmer Cold Air cooling system is used.  It helps eliminate discomfort during treatments as well as the vast majority of potential side-effects. 

We want you to be as comfortable as possible!

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